Saturday, April 01, 2006

take me out

i try to laugh, but it's a little frustrating.
i have to keep buying new underwear because it won't dry fast enough before the next rain.

for tara love hayley

week 1 day 2
Response by Tara Gilbee
18:45 02.04.06

week 1 day 3
Response by Tara Gilbee
21:25 03.04.06

week 1 day 4
Response by Tara Gilbee
21:00 04.04.06

week 1 day 5
Response by Tara Gilbee - Darwin and Castlemaine had exactly the same temperatures yesterday!
Not such a good art day today
17:25 05.04.06

week 1 day 6
Response by Tara Gilbee - what happens to the undies of a starving artist!
The heat is leaving the summer earth, the moisture is allowing the undergrowth a chance, but the memory of summer fun to close to a cold wind.
23:25 06.04.06


Blogger 3x3=6 degrees of separation said...

that tongue really freaked me out tara, and then the undies! those dogs are now demon dogs... xh

3:18 pm  

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