Wednesday, May 03, 2006

is it about rubbish, vampires or love?

for tara love hayley
20.44 CST 03.05.06

03.05.06 22:47

above allans walk is a whole lost world of the past
ruined and being repaired
i will keep you posted with some images i took

response - allans continued
04.05.06 21:27

response - allans continued

response - allans continued
- opps missed sitting the show sick!!!

response from night out while down in Melbourne
(hence the allans series above)
There was this guy with a mask on at this club i went to, acting very spooky
in this club where you have to get a swipe card to get in!!!
Most of the time i have been going to these creative practice workshops
the theme of the mask came up, then i had this creepy experience
while waiting for my sister this guy walked past, he looked familiar,
distinguished and good looking, he loitered then surreptiously put up this poster
Creepy ...... he seemed like a psychic vampire!!!!

dirty deeds
response 08.05.06


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