Wednesday, November 01, 2006

sister ascending medieval staircase

for tara love hayley
19.15 CST 13.09.06

light project one to six - return to Tasmania in October.

'run like a race for a family when you heal like your alone, rusted years of boredom and faceless busy phones, the ground we run in circles but the shape we are meant to make is gone.

Love is a tired symphony that you hum when you are awake, love is a crying baby mum warned you not to shake, love is the best sensation i remember lions make ....

so i will clear the road of the gravel and the thorn bush in your back and burn the scented oil that i drip into your back. the waters there to warm you and the earth is warmer when you laugh.

Love is a scene I render when you catch me wide wake, love is a dream you enter though i shake and shake and shake you, love is the best endevour when you enter the lions mane ............

'Lion's Mane' - The Creek Drank The Cradle - Iron & Wine.(apologies if i have got some words wrong??)


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